Trade Secrets & Confidential Information

Whilst confidential information and trade secrets are not made known to the public, they are extremely important and valuable assets to the success of your company. Examples could be formulas and procedures for the manufacturing of a product, the methodology, algorithm etc. Businesses nowadays are starting to recognize and take active steps to protect such trade secrets and confidential information, to ensure that competitors will not be able to gain access or knowledge of the same.

ONC understands the importance of trade secrets and confidential information. We actively work with our clients in order to understand the information that is crucial to our client’s success, and to strategize on how to protect such information, in terms of practical methods of protection, and also by written agreements to ensure the confidential information is not leaked to the general public or any competitors.

We have assisted our clients on the following:

  • acting on behalf of a Hong Kong education company against an ex-employee following the hacking of the company’s system;
  • advising an innovative IT company on the preparation of confidentiality agreements; and
  • assisting and advising a semiconductor company in setting up and obtaining trade secret qualification in the PRC.

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