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Effective corporate governance is critical to the success of any businesses. Therefore it is essential that best practice is adhered to at all times in the setting up and maintenance of the companies which you will use as the vehicles to run your business. At ONC Lawyers, we have an affiliate, ONC Consulting Limited, to provide our clients the necessary expertise for the compliance with relevant statutory laws and regulations that are applicable to a company’s formation and maintenance.

There are different forms of entities available to suit your need in running your business. In Hong Kong, there are different choices to carry on a business: as a sole proprietor, in partnership or you may, as many people do, incorporate a company. A company is treated in law as a legal person which is independent from its members and may enter into contracts, own property, sue and be sued in legal proceedings. You may incorporate a private or public company limited by shares to run your business or a company limited by guarantee which is commonly set up for charitable or non-profit making purposes. 

Besides setting up a Hong Kong company, you may have the need to form offshore business entities to fulfill your business objectives. The British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Bermuda are some common jurisdictions which you may choose. For instance, you may set up an “International Business Company” in the British Virgin Islands or an “Exempted Company” in the Cayman Islands as the holding company of your business group or as an investment company to hold your assets. For Bermuda companies, they are popular listing vehicles in Hong Kong.

For a local company, our company secretarial services span from incorporating the company, acting as the registered company secretary for the company, maintaining statutory registers, drafting resolutions and handling the necessary filings with the Hong Kong Companies Registry such as annual returns and prescribed forms with respect to changes to share capital, directors, auditor and articles of association etc. Besides, we can also act as the designated representative in relation to the significant controllers register of the company.

A Hong Kong company is required to maintain a registered office in Hong Kong.   As setting up a physical presence in Hong Kong could be costly, we could assist with our registered office service and you may have our office address registered on public record as the registered office of your company. All letters received by us will be forward to your designated address.    

For companies to be established in offshore jurisdictions, we will work with our overseas agents to ensure compliance with all offshore legal requirements in the formation of the business entities that you require and their ongoing maintenance including the maintenance of statutory registers, the preparation of effective resolutions and all necessary statutory filings. We are the expert link between you and the overseas agents. All communications from the agents will be directed to you and we will help you to remit payments of all government and service fees.   

Any offshore company which establishes a place of business in Hong Kong is required to be registered as a non-Hong Kong company. You can rely on our registration services for a non-Hong Kong company as well as our ongoing maintenance services with respect to the filing of annual return and all necessary statutory filings with the Hong Kong Companies Registry. A non-Hong Kong company is required to have an authorized representative to accept on behalf of the company service of any process or other notice required to be served on the company. Being a firm of practicing solicitors, we can act in such capacity for your non-Hong Kong company upon your subscription for this service.     

We have many years of experience in providing company secretarial services. Our clients include banking groups, investment companies, properties group, entertainment companies and companies carrying on a variety of other businesses.  We provide top quality services to our clients. Our team of company secretarial services are equipped with the necessary expertise and experience. All works are closely supervised by solicitors of our Corporate and Commercial team to ensure their quality and compliance with statutory laws and regulations.

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