Registered designs protect the appearance of products, such as the shape, pattern and configuration etc. It is useful in protecting your valuable products, and to prevent others from manufacturing, using, importing, selling or hiring out products that infringe upon your rights.

Here at ONC, we recognize the effort and time put into creating a design for new products, and the rights that should be available to design owners in order to safeguard their creations and protect the value of their products. Our experienced Intellectual Property teams regularly advises clients on obtaining and maintaining registered designs in Hong Kong and PRC, and to protect the designs from being copied or infringed by others. 

We have assisted our clients on:                       

  • Drafting, advising and assisting in filing and obtaining design applications on behalf of an award winning client for culinary and consumer household products and protection and enforcement of the same;
  • Managing the portfolio of a reputable French furniture company in obtaining and maintaining its registered designs in Hong Kong and PRC; and
  • Portfolio management and providing worldwide strategic filing advice for a reputable tobacco company.

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