Insurance & Personal Injury

At ONC, our insurance and personal injury services can be conveniently sub-divided into the following areas:-

 ·  Acting for Victims in Personal Injury and Employees’ Compensation Cases

This has always been the centre-fold of our practice. Our clients come from all walks of life. To date, we have successfully recovered damages in tens of millions for hundreds of clients.

In these cases, a victim needs not be financially well off in order to pursue his claim against the wrongdoer. The less privileged he is, financially speaking, the more likely he will be eligible for legal aid assistance. All our personal injury lawyers welcome legal aid assignments. We are always willing and ready to assist our clients in their application for legal aid. For those who have a good chance of success in their claims but are not eligible for legal aid, flexible legal fees payment arrangements could be tailor-made to minimize their financial burden at the early stage of litigation. 

·   Acting for Insurers

We advise life and general insurers on insurance laws in general. We also advise them on merits of claims and defend them in unwarranted claims. 

·   Acting for Insurance Intermediaries

We advise and act for insurance agents and insurance brokers in professional investigations, disciplinary actions and court prosecutions. 

·   Acting for Insurance Clients

We advise and act for insurance clients on claim disputes with insurers and insurance intermediaries. We also advise them on single premium financing arrangements; business insurance schemes; and life insurance policy trust arrangements.

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In the case of Hu Wan v Sanwo International Company Limited [2021] HKDC 237, the District Court considered, inter alia, the questions of whether the sick leave granted by treating doctors and the opinion given by the medical experts is binding on the Court in assessing damages. The then 27-year-old Plaintiff was working for the Defendant as a saleslady in the Defendant’s shoes shop when she suffered an accident at work which led to ankle injury. She had a fracture which required open reduction and internal fixation. She was hospitalised for 5 days and was given sick leave of around 36.5 months. The Plaintiff complained that as a result of the accident she cannot stand or walk for more than 2-3 hours which makes it extremely difficult if not impossible for her to return to her pre-accident job as a saleslady in a busy shoe shop.
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In our previous newsletter issued in June 2019, we discussed the serious consequences where employees who sustained injuries at work fail to undergo medical examinations as requested by the employer. Recently, in the judgment in Hui Po Chi v Trade Travel (Hong Kong) Limited (unrep., DCEC 406/2017, 9 September 2020), the Court reviewed the relevant provisions in the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance (Cap. 282) governing such medical examinations.
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If a child would not have been born but for the doctor’s negligence in failing to advise the risk of their born with a hereditary disability, and having been born not only with the hereditary disability but also another congenital disability, can the mother of the child claim for the costs associated with all of her child’s disabilities, or only for the costs associated with the hereditary disability which the doctor was consulted on?
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