Real Estate Finance

Handling and putting through loan transactions secured by real estate property including syndicated loans, building and construction loans, debentures, charges, etc. Services include:

  • advising on lending schemes and financing structures;
  • drafting, revising, negotiating and advising on loan documentation including loan/facility agreements, debenture and building mortgages, share charges, assignments of rental and sales proceeds, charges on deposit, transfer of mortgages, sub-mortgages, guarantees, etc.; and
  • drafting and completing releases and discharges of security documentation.

Our Real Estate and Banking lawyers acted for banking institutions, listed companies, property developers, licensed money lenders in the capacity of a lender and/or a borrower.

Major transactions handled by our lawyers include, amongst others :

  • granting of a building loan of up to HK$195,000,000 by a Hong Kong incorporated bank to a property developer for developing a commercial building in Western District in Hong Kong; 
  • granting of a HK$1.53 billion syndicated building loan arranged by a PRC incorporated bank in favour of an affiliate of a PRC incorporated bank as the co-developer of the bank headquarters building in Central District in Hong Kong;
  • granting of a syndicated term loan of up to HK$5,000,000,000 secured by a commercial building in Central District and a commercial building in Tsim Sha Tsui District in Hong Kong by a bank consortium in favour of a PRC listed company ; 
  • granting of a standby credit facility of up to HK$10 billion secured by a sub-mortgage of a portfolio 10,000 mortgaged properties by a PRC incorporated bank in favour of a Hong Kong incorporated bank;
  • granting of a building loan facility of up to HK$100,000,000 for the development of a villa in Stanley in Hong Kong by a Hong Kong incorporated bank in favour of a property developer; 
  • granting of a HK$100,000,000 revolving loan facility under a property sub-mortgage program by a Hong Kong affiliate company of a PRC state-owned asset management company in favour of a Hong Kong licensed money lender;
  • granting of a HK$2.7 billion term loan facility secured by 65 Hong Kong properties by a PRC incorporated bank to a PRC interested corporation; 
  • assignment and transfer of all the loans and mortgage debts from a US Bank to a UK interested bank incorporated in Hong Kong as part of banking restructuring exercise; 
  • granting of mortgage loans by a Singaporean funded Hong Kong incorporated and licensed money lender in favour of individual and corporate property owners for the ultimate purpose of securitization;
  • granting of a syndicated loan facility secured by a commercial development in Wan Chai by a major bank in Hong Kong; and
  • granting of a HK$896,000,000 mergers and acquisitions loan by a specialized company by a Macau incorporated bank to investors secured by the equity of and commercial properties held.

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