Foreign Investment

ONC Lawyers has been proactively assisting foreign companies in investing in the PRC. We have advised numerous foreign companies and provided legal support in their operation in the PRC market. Our China Practice lawyers are well versed in the PRC foreign investment law, with strong legal knowledge and practical experience in assisting clients in investing in complicated areas. We offer a wide range of comprehensive legal consultation services for foreign companies. We provide professional, straightforward and effective solutions that are designed to meet our clients’ business needs and help them to achieve their goals in a complex and regionalised business environment. Our foreign investment services include:

  • providing “one-stop” services from the establishment of company to share transfer, mergers and acquisitions and consultation of industry access policy;
  • participating in clients’ sino-foreign joint venture negotiations, drafting and advising on key contract terms, details of settlement, dispute resolutions, and the guarantee, incentive and exit mechanisms and other essential matters for transactions;
  • assisting clients in the early stage of operation of their foreign company by liaising with relevant government authorities in relation to market access, import and export examination, administrative approval, local supportive policies, etc.;
  • providing localization and compliance consultation and legal services related to daily operation, such as corporate governance, contract management, environment, health and safety, employment relationship and intellectual property protection, etc.;
  • representing clients in legal proceedings, and dealing with internal and external disputes over intellectual property rights, employment and commercial matters;
  • advising clients on cross-border financing, tax planning, foreign debts and foreign exchange control matters; and
  • assisting foreign companies in the sale, reconstruction, liquidation and bankruptcy of their PRC business.

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