Company Name Squatting

It is not uncommon to see companies whose name or trade mark have been wrongfully registered by another entity. Such act, known as “squatting”, could be a headache to the genuine owner of company name or trade mark and cause confusion to the market. ONC Lawyers has successfully acted for hundreds of clients to challenge such shadow companies and have their name changed.

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How to win and repel trademark squatters in the PRC?
Foreign businesses are often vulnerable to trademark squatting in the PRC, where a “first-to-file” trademark system operates. In a “first-to-file” trademark system, trademark rights are awarded to the first applicant who applied for the relevant trademark as opposed to granting rights based on the legitimate use of the mark or an intent to use the mark. In a recent case, we have successfully assisted our client to repel a trademark squatter in the PRC.
Jenny Bakery: Some Tips for Fighting Trademark Squatters
Jenny Bakery, the Hong Kong bakery which has phenomenal sales and is famous for its “4 MIX” cookies packed in teddy bear tins, is struggling with trademark squatters allegedly registering its trademarks in Chinese.
Heavy price for insufficient coverage? MUJI ordered to pay damages for trade mark infringement in China
The Japanese brand MUJI lost in a trade mark infringement case to a local Chinese company with an earlier registered mark which highly resembles the former’s well-known trade name. China’s Supreme People’s Court has ultimately ruled against MUJI in an appeal after the claims went on for close to a decade. On 4 November 2019, MUJI was ordered by the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court to pay damages of more than RMB 600,000 (USD 87,000) and publicly apologizing to the local company.
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