Preventive Planning and Training

Prevention is always better than cure.  As companies grow, so does the number of legal risks confronting their businesses.  Formulating the right human resources policies can minimize potential claims against companies and protect them from workplace malpractice. 

Our employment team helps employers with preventive planning and offers practical training regarding ways to avoid costly and protracted legal proceedings.  We regularly review workplace polices of business groups and offer day-to-day advice on a full range of employment issues that may give rise to potential liabilities.  Leveraging our broad understanding of various industries, we are well known for our corporate support work and conduct bespoke employment and regulatory trainings for business groups and human resources professionals tailored to the respective needs of companies from various sectors.  We help international conglomerates, small and medium-sized enterprises, and startup companies to ensure ongoing compliance with employment laws and regulations and reduce risk of employee lawsuits.

Our professional services include:

  • reviewing employment contracts, employee handbooks and human resources policies;
  • providing training to the management, senior executives and Human Resources departments on the latest developments in employment laws;
  • providing seminars to employees on employment issues such as discrimination and harassment at workplace;
  • advising multinational organizations on employment law issues involved in overseas expansion plans; and
  • advising on employment law issues arising from cross-border mergers and acquisitions and business transactions.

If you would like to seek advice on preventive planning and training, please contact us at (852) 2810 1212 or at

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