Data Protection & Privacy

Nowadays, data protection and privacy are critical considerations for companies, employees and customers. Sensitive information commonly stored or accessible by companies, be that employee records, customer details, system access passwords, transaction records, intellectual property, or trade secrets, needs to be protected from unauthorized access and misuse.  In addition, incompliance with data protection and privacy laws can be costly and leave yourself open to reputational damages, civil as well as criminal liabilities. 

ONC is the go-to firm for data protection and privacy matters.  We have notable expertise in the retail, financial services, healthcare, technology and communications sectors and have handled various global compliance projects and regulatory litigation over recent years.  Whatever your business structure and problems, we provide on-time, pragmatic and up-to-date legal advice on a full spectrum of issues ranging from employment data protection, data security breaches to global data governance and compliance work.  We also have experience in interfacing with regulators at the local and international levels in areas ranging from data loss to cybersecurity issues.

Our services include the following areas:

  • Management of employee personal information and sensitive information for advertising and marketing;
  • Employee monitoring and suspected-target screening;
  • Data collection via whistleblower hotlines;
  • Data breaches and cyber incidents;
  • Cloud services and mobile privacy breaches;
  • Data protection and privacy policies for business groups and their websites;
  • Cross-border data transfer projects;
  • Handling regulatory inquiries and litigation;
  • Defending against enforcement actions by regulatory and law enforcement agencies;
  • Regulatory compliance in connection with local and international regulatory regimes;
  • Compliance projects and policies in collaboration with human resources and technology departments of business groups.

If you would like to seek advice on data protection and privacy issues, please contact us at (852) 2810 1212 or at

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