Derivatives & Securitisation

Securitisation offers an efficient source of funding to companies. The developed legal and regulatory framework of Hong Kong provides a vigorous environment for companies to issue derivative products and carry out securitisation transactions.

With our base in Hong Kong and close connections with legal expertise in the PRC, we enjoy an advantageous position to advise our clients on derivatives and securitisation transactions. We are experienced in representing clients on complex derivatives and structured products transactions. We also have vast experience in arranging structured finance transactions, including collateralised debt obligation (CDO) programmes, collateralized loan obligation (CLO) programmes and asset repackaging.

Our work in this area includes advising a listed company regarding securitization of their loan portfolio in the PRC.

Our team delivers to clients innovative solutions for their structurally complicated transactions to enable them to obtain funds in a cost-effective and timely manner. With our credentials, we believe that we could help your business raise funds by way of securitisation.

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Like whole business securitisation, inventory securitisation also provides an opportunity for companies to diversify away from traditional financing methods with potentially reduced financing costs and other benefits. For companies having a large amount of inventory goods, they can raise financing and create cash flows with their inventory through securitisation, rather than waiting for cash flows only when the inventory is sold. Inventory securitisation is usually focused on inventory goods in regulated and organized markets or inventory goods with high tradability and high durability.
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