Shareholders and Partnership Dispute & Litigation

We regularly advise shareholders of family businesses and corporate joint ventures to resolve their disputes. Companies and their directors and other stakeholders also seek our advice when subject to shareholder disputes. We also advise on partnership disputes in professional services firms and commercial business ventures.

Our work in Shareholder and Partnership Dispute & Litigation include:

  • advising on minority shareholders’ rights and claims against other shareholders as well as the company;
  • acting for minority and majority shareholders or the company in petitions for winding up of the company and/or buy outs;
  • applying for appointment of provisional liquidators in winding-up petition;
  • acting for shareholders to commence derivative actions;
  • advising on and negotiating buy out proposals;
  • advising on partnership claims, proposals for exit and dissolution of partnerships; and
  • obtaining injunctive relief.

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Mr Ludwig Ng and Mr Sherman Yan co-authored A Practical Guide to Resolving Shareholder Disputes
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