Family Law Dispute & Litigation

The breakdown of a relationship is stressful. Getting the right advice in a timely manner is crucial. 

Finances and children are two major concerns involved in family law litigation. ONC Lawyers understand that every case is unique and we accompanies our clients to navigate through this process and embark on a new journey by providing practical tailored-made solutions to minimize the impacts involved. Depending on the complexity of each case, we often work closely with other professionals, such as accountants, surveyors, private investigators, child psychologists, mediators and family counsellors. 

Our services include:

  • Divorce;
  • Application for ancillary relief;
  • Variation of maintenance;
  • Application for custody / guardianship / wardship / relocation / adoption for legitimate or illegitimate children;
  • Domestic violence injunction;
  • Injunction against abduction of children; and
  • Other proceedings.

Credentials of our lawyers in this area include:

  • Successfully acting for a mother seeking sole care and control of 2 children involving complicated access and other arrangements;
  • Successfully acting for a father seeking care and control of 2 daughters to stay away from the mother’s physical and emotional abuse;
  • Successfully acting for a mother seeking to increase court ordered maintenance payments for the children;
  • Successfully acting, with support from professional forensic accountants, for a wife to prevent asset dissipation by the husband during divorce proceedings;
  • Successfully acting for a wife to invite her parents-in-law to join as a party to the divorce proceedings as most of the family assets legally belonged to her parents-in-law;
  • Acting for a husband to prepare a deed of separation and settlement arrangements with a view to achieving an amicable divorce;
  • Acting for a mother in a hostile divorce against the father who pursued criminal charges against her for the sake of obtaining custody, care and control of 2 young children; and
  • Successfully acting for a father seeking an injunction to restrain the Korean mother from removing the children from Hong Kong to Korea.

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