Professional Indemnity

  •     Professional Disciplinary Actions and Proceedings

Nowadays many professionals are highly regulated, such as the financial professionals, insurance agents, social workers and medical doctors. Whilst serious transgressions are dealt with by criminal law, more often than not, these professionals face problems with their regulatory bodies for alleged breaches of regulatory codes committed even out of inadvertence. Our firm has in the past years been actively engaged in advising and representing clients before regulatory authorities such as:

      • The Securities and Futures Commission
      • The Law Society of Hong Kong
      • The Confederation of Insurance Brokers
      • Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
      • The Social Workers Registration Board

Disciplinary actions by these regulatory authorities could have serious consequences to the professionals concerned and we keep this in mind when supplying clients with our advice and assistance so as to minimise any adverse impact.


  •     Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation is not the only way to resolve disputes nowadays. From our experience, in appropriate circumstances even the most contentious disputes can be resolved by way of other less litigious modes of dispute resolution such as arbitration, mediation, expert determination or valuation. These other options, collectively known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), are widely recognised as being less confrontational, less formal and less time-consuming and therefore, are more cost-effective. In addition, all the proceedings are held in private and do not attract media attention.

We have both arbitrators and accredited mediators within our team of experienced lawyers. Wherever necessary and desirable, we will advise our clients to make use of ADR to their best advantage and to save costs and time.

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