Equality remains a prominent issue in today’s business world.  It impacts all members working in a company and it needs to be tackled at all levels.  With the web of regulatory regimes becoming increasingly complex over the past several decades, it is important for companies and individuals to get an insight to the applicable anti-discrimination laws and regulations, especially the various rights and legal remedies provided therein.  In particular, in light of the growing wave of discrimination lawsuits brought by employees against employers, companies should endeavor to limit their exposure to discrimination claims and ensure their ongoing compliance with relevant laws, regulations or guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities.

ONC provides strategic and responsive advice to help our clients deal with discrimination matters properly.  With our clients ranging from entrepreneurs, multinational companies to statutory bodies, we are dedicated to working closely with them at both local and international levels to help them create an inclusive and legally compliant workplace.   We regularly handle contentious and non-contentious work in respect of a wide range of discrimination matters across a broad swathe of industry sectors, including financial services, retail and professional services. 

Our areas of work include:

  • Pursuing and defending unlawful and unreasonable dismissal claims arising out of allegations of discrimination;
  • Reviewing remuneration, compensation and promotion practices of business groups;
  • Reviewing employment contracts, employee handbooks and other internal company policies and guidelines;
  • Advising on grievances and other complaints of discrimination, including gender and disability discrimination in the workplace;
  • Handling complaints with the Equal Opportunities Commission;
  • Assisting with investigations by regulatory authorities; and
  • Assisting with internal investigations.

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