ONC Lawyers has advised Plutochain on their intended tokenization project on the Mainnet


ONC Lawyers in collaboration with the Ohkims Blockchain Centre has recently advised Plutochain on their intended Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) project on the Mainnet.

Plutochain is currently researching into the socialization of cryptocurrency trading and have plans in place to develop applications to actualize such data as part of its services to Plutochain’s intended client base.

The ONC team was comprised of Mr Dominic Wai (Technology Law Partner) and Mr Joshua Chu (Technology Law Consultant).

With the announcement made by Chinese President Xi Jinping on his vision of DLT’s (Distributed Ledger Technology) place in the future development of the Chinese economy coupled with the SFC’s latest indication of the upcoming publication of their circular regarding crypto asset platform regulations, it is anticipated that there will be a reversal of interest in the crypto-markets and DLT space with Hong Kong being poised to take the centre stage as the leading tier 1 financial centre in the APAC region once again.