Message to Trainee Solicitor Applicants

Dear Law Students,

Trainee recruitment is a process that we attach the utmost importance to. No doubt you will also treat your job search with equal intensity. Our strong wish is that once recruited as a trainee, you will stay with us for the long term and become one of our partners one day.  Hence I would like to share some of our thoughts with you in the hope that a better match could be forged.

Our firm has a diversified practice, including corporate/commercial, civil and commercial litigation, intellectual property, personal injuries, matrimonial, trust and probate and conveyancing. Our clients include world class big corporations as well as legally aided persons. Our trainees may be engaged in any of these practices depending on our business needs, as well as his/her aptitude and ability.

We look for trainees that are first and foremost dedicated to the practice of law and wish to establish his/her career as a respectable lawyer. By this, we mean a lawyer that is respected for his/her willingness and ability to apply the law to help his/her clients effectively, whether the client is a big corporation or a poor old widow, NOT a lawyer craving for big money or glamorous and high profile jobs. In our experience, such a candidate is not necessarily a high-flyer academically, but he/she must have a strong commitment to the practice of law, good language skill, a critical and analytical mind and a willingness to put his/her client’s needs before his/her own convenience. Further, despite all the good teaching of the University, a trainee still has a lot to pick up during the early years of his/her practice and we expect him/her to be a highly-motivated self-learner willing to use his/her own time to improve his/her professional knowledge and skills.

No lawyer could work all on his/her own. Hence, our firm places heavy emphasis on teamwork. Whilst we are not seeking socialite trainees to join us, we do expect our trainees to have a personality that is mature, considerate, and willing to share.

During the interview we will no doubt tell the applicants more about our firm. Further, if you know any of our staff, you are most welcome to give them a call and ask them about our firm. We practice very transparent management and our partners are generally regarded as rather approachable (though at times demanding) individuals. We wish to provide the trainees a career in the law, not just a job in which money is exchanged for labour. We wish those students who find our thinking amenable would send in their applications. The application should give details not just of the applicant’s academic results, but also his personal background, working experience, extra curricular activities, interests and hobbies.

Please click here to apply directly through our Recruitment/Application page, and attach your cover letter and resume; there is no need to mail a hardcopy of your application letter and resume.  Your application will be forwarded to the General Manager.  Personal data collected will be used for recruitment purposes only.  The process of trainee solicitor recruitment will start in around June to August of the year before commencement of the training contract.

We wish you would have an enjoyable legal career. But that depends as much on your own attitude as your employer.
Sincerely yours,

Ludwig Ng
Senior Partner
ONC Lawyers