Intellectual Property & Technology

Our Intellectual Property Department assists clients in the registration, exploitation and protection of their intellectual property rights in copyright, trade marks, patents, registered designs, rights in confidential information and other related legal rights.


Our team gives advice on registration strategy, registrability and likely outcome and will assist clients to handle objections from the registration authorities or other third parties. Our service covers both local and international registration.


We advise on and prepare intellectual property exploitation agreements including: assignment of intellectual property rights; registered user agreement; licence agreement; author and publisher agreement and software development agreement.


We have substantial experience in handling infringement litigation both for Plaintiffs or Defendants. Our team has the capability of acting swiftly to make applications for urgent injunction and search order for Plaintiffs so as to stop infringement activities effectively and preserve evidence for claims of damages. Likewise, in acting for Defendants, we will act vigilantly to ensure that their rights are fully protected and that damages payable to the Plaintiffs will be kept to a minimum.

Company name squatting

The problem of registration of third party’s trade mark as company name by squatters has been rampant in recent years, as the Hong Kong Companies Registry does not .screen company names for potential infringement. We are experienced in assisting brand owners to lodge complaints to the Companies Registry or commence court proceedings on the basis of trademark infringement and passing-off for directions or orders to change the infringing company names.

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