Criminal Litigation

Our Criminal Litigation Team has in the past assisted numerous clients involved in criminal investigations or prosecutions. Our service commences not from the day the client was charged but from the time the client becomes aware that he may be charged. We pride ourselves in possessing deep knowledge of the criminal law and procedure and, more importantly, we pay meticulous attention to every detail of client’s case so as to formulate a most effective defence strategy. Our services include:-

  • providing advice on criminal law and procedure before and after charge
  • attending Police, ICAC and other law enforcement agencies with clients
  • entering into plea bargaining for clients before or after charge
  • application for bail before trial or pending appeal
  • conducting investigation and evidence gathering before trial
  • conducting defence at all levels of courts from Magistracy to the High Court
  • conducting appeals at all levels of courts up to the Court of Final Appeal
  • conducting mitigation for clients

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